Wind is both a friend and a foe to grape vines

While the wind can assist in avoiding crop damage by drying out leaves during times of high moisture, it can also cause crop loss by damaging leaves and vines and reducing energy flow to the fruit resulting in underdevelopment.

For some, the variability the wind brings is simply part of growing grapes, part of the risk. At XL Vineyard, variability in the quality and continuity of our fruit is not a risk we are willing to take. As such, we are the first in the Sevein region to install a wind fence along the outer edge of the vineyard in addition to planting rows of poplar trees every five feet, to break the wind speed. This approach allows the vines on the outer edges to ripen uniformly with the rest of the block, yet it doesn't hinder the benefits of the wind. With the unique elevation and topography at XL Vineyard, we know how the wind helps to bestow unique characteristics to our grapes and this investment supports our commitment to continually cultivate uniquely tailored premium grapes, year after year.