Protect the vines from extreme weather conditions

Continuity is one of our core values at XL Vineyard. The ability to consistently and dependably deliver premium grapes year after year is one of the things we believe sets us apart. Over the past decade, Walla Walla vineyards have suffered tremendous crop loss as a result of cold winter and spring months. This is by far the most significant grape growing risk in the region. In fact, in 1996, over 50% of the area's production was lost because of a harsh cold winter.

XL Vineyard has four wind machines to help avoid the damage this time of year can bring. These tall, fixed-in-place fans pull warm air down from high above ground during strong temperature inversions, raising the air temperature around the vineyard. We are able to remotely monitor the temperature and winds at the vineyard so that the machines can be employed when extreme temperatures or frost threaten the grapes.

The cold fall in 2010 saw much of the fruit in the Valley damaged or even lost completely, but our unique microclimate, higher elevation, and the use of our wind machines minimized harm here. This allowed the vineyard to once again consistently deliver on the uniquely tailored premium grapes we are becoming known for.