Flexibility, continuity, personal touch,
sustainability and integrity

At XL Vineyard we believe our philosophy and approach to cultivating uniquely tailored premium grapes for unforgettable Walla Walla wines is driven by our core values of flexibility, continuity, personal touch, sustainability and integrity. Together, our values underscore everything we do from farming to working relationships and business planning.


We believe that a winemaker is a craftsman, an artist who requires all the finest elements necessary to create a unique masterpiece. Although technically more challenging, we have divided our vineyard into 24 individual blocks so that we may work together with the winemaker to guide the development of a unique product specific to their unique vision. This unparalleled flexibility gives us the ability to service highly specific requirements regarding growing techniques and preferences.


We know that our winemakers depend on their grapes to be consistently reliable so that their end product can be consistently outstanding. We take this very seriously. Every member of the XL Family is focused on ensuring that our grapes consistently deliver on what our winemakers require. The elevation, topography and biodiversity of our vineyard coupled together with our investment in wind machines, zone irrigation systems, sustainable farming practices, and the expertise of our viticulturalist allows us to strike the delicate balance necessary for continuity.

Personal Touch

Cultivating a premium grape demands attention to minute details that only a human hand can detect. We believe that personal, human touch at each stage of growth including sustainable farming practices, hand pruning and harvesting, is essential. The intimate knowledge of the vines that comes from this constant interaction allows us to quickly respond to the often individual and varied needs of each block.


Like the earth itself, we believe our relationship with the land is circular. The quality of what we give is the quality of what we receive. As such we are passionate about implementing sustainable farming practices throughout the vineyard from custom compost and soil composition testing to water quality and critter control. Harnessing nature to combat nature is not only smart for long-term vineyard viability, it's ethical.


Living our values in all that we say and all that we do is how we strive to embody integrity. At times, this requires us to make a decision that perhaps isn't cost-effective but it's the right thing to do. It requires taking that extra step which for some may seem futile, but for us it can reveal that small insight that makes the critical all-important difference. It's striving for excellence and not stopping short.

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