High in the SeVein region is a unique topography
where distinctive grapes can grow

High in the SeVein region along the border of the Walla Walla Valley in Milton Freewater, Oregon lies 47 acres of beautiful vineyard land called XL Vineyards. Framed by a ragged eastern border formed by the Blue Mountains and accented by a valley that flattens out as it extends west, XL Vineyard has a rare topography and variety of terroirs that allow for a wide range of grape varieties to flourish. An elevation of 1,050 to 1,250 feet combined with the unique combination of soil, wind, rain, daylight and warmth that embraces the vines at this elevation results in truly distinctive grapes.

SeVein Vineyard Soil

XL Vineyard is among the most prestigious vineyards in the region with neighbors that include Seven Hills Vineyard, Figgins Family Wine Estates, L'Ecole No.41, Octave and Doubleback.

SeVein Grape Growing Region

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